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Meet Dr. Avnit Chopra (BChiro)


Dr. Avnit ChopraAvnit was first introduced to the world of chiropractic while she was in nursing school! Her interest in this profession was piqued to an extent that she decided to switch paths and become a chiropractor at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. After graduation, Avnit decided to pursue post-graduate study and is currently working at the College as a Resident in Diagnostic Imaging.

During her time seeing patients as an intern and in practice, Avnit has been amazed at how much of an impact regular chiropractic care can have on people of all ages, and in all aspects of life.

She is passionate about inspiring people to put their health first and believes there’s no better way of doing this than through the power of chiropractic.

Avnit loves to see people from all different backgrounds. She is especially committed to helping those who work emotionally and physically high-stress jobs, as well as older adults seeking to improve their quality of life.

Outside the Office

When Avnit is not in practice or at the College, you’ll find her spending quality time with her family and dog Nico, out hiking, or kayaking at a beach!

strengthen your body • nourish your mind • love your life

Helping families and the community in Pukekohe and to achieve vibrant health with excellent chiropractic care.